Hearty Soup for Sick Times

You’re coughing your lungs up and all you want to do is curl up in bed and watch Buffy re-runs, food is just not appealing (what?!!!), nothing tastes good, the thought of any solid food going down your poor abused throat makes you want to curl up and cry, coffee tastes like crap, but you…… Continue reading Hearty Soup for Sick Times



Sublime Experience at Shinji by Kanesaka

“Shinji will change the way you look at sushi,” she said. And it has. While my experience at Shinji by Kanesaka at the Raffles Hotel will not upstage the memory of my first taste of uni at Tsukiji market in Tokyo, it certainly comes close. I had the 12-piece (Tsuki 月) Set Lunch Course and…… Continue reading Sublime Experience at Shinji by Kanesaka


Glorious Seafood at Dancing Crab

I’ve had a fascination with Southern food for the longest time, gumbo, shrimp and grits, beignets, hot sauce, fried chicken, biscuits, the list is endless (disclaimer, this is definitely not all there is to Southern food, but it’s the perception of what Southern food is like to an Asian person who’s never been. One of…… Continue reading Glorious Seafood at Dancing Crab