Singapore Flavours – Sweet Creamy Bandung Cupcakes

These cupcakes not only look sweet, they taste sweet too, but that’s bandung in a nutshell. Most of us Singaporeans grew up drinking bandung, a drink made up of rose syrup and milk. Sweet and creamy, it appeals to every kid in us and when mixed with ice, perfect for our hot, humid weather. For…… Continue reading Singapore Flavours – Sweet Creamy Bandung Cupcakes


Natural Sunscreen – Thinkbaby SPF 50+

I live in Singapore, I need sunscreen every day. Alas, I came to the conclusion a little too late to prevent all the sunspots on my face and arms. I suppose, with my skin this fair, purposely putting on suntan oil and baking on beaches didn’t really help either. The follies of youth. It’s the…… Continue reading Natural Sunscreen – Thinkbaby SPF 50+


Why Stay in a Private Villa in Bali?

What is better than a private villa? A private villa with a pool. On a short getaway with the girlfriends, we booked a villa at Sandi Kala Villas, which is located at the end of Seminyak, Bali. It is a little isolated and you have to get a cab everywhere, but the villa itself and…… Continue reading Why Stay in a Private Villa in Bali?


Singapore Flavours – Cendol Cupcakes

Cendol is one of the most often eaten local dessert in Singapore. It’s a simple dessert consisting of a lot of shaved ice, coconut milk, red beans, cendol (green, jelly-like thing) and gula melaka (palm sugar). When I decided to make cendol cupcakes, I decided to go with a coconut cupcake with red beans and…… Continue reading Singapore Flavours – Cendol Cupcakes