Glorious Seafood at Dancing Crab

IMG_7313I’ve had a fascination with Southern food for the longest time, gumbo, shrimp and grits, beignets, hot sauce, fried chicken, biscuits, the list is endless (disclaimer, this is definitely not all there is to Southern food, but it’s the perception of what Southern food is like to an Asian person who’s never been. One of dreams is to get there and eat some food!) Anyway, when Cajun Kings, an establishment that serves seafood boil in Singapore, opened up, I was incredibly excited, but it’s located in some godforsaken location and I’ve never did muster up the enthusiasm to get there. Then Dancing Crab opened in a more accessible area and my friend wanted to celebrate her birthday there, so yay! An excuse for some expensive seafood.

Before heading down to Dancing Crab, I read some reviews and to be honest, they weren’t all that good and I was a little apprehensive, but I figured, it’s seafood, it can’t go that wrong. And it didn’t. I loved it. Yes, it wasn’t the cheapest meal, but the seafood was incredibly fresh, the sauces were tasty and had me dipping more than I should, the ambiance was lovely, the wait staff were friendly and they know how to make the birthday people feel special.

1 portion of Combo Bag #1

For 5 of us, we ordered 2 sets of the Combo Bag #1, with crabs, prawns, clams, corn, potato and sausages, 500g of the Moonshine Tiger Prawns and the Crab Cakes. Which was a very satisfying meal for 5, but it was an all-female table. We ordered the sauce on the side for the seafood boil, because there were so many choices! And it was a good thing that we ordered the sauce on the side, because as we walked out after our meal, we noticed tables with their seafood smothered in the sauce, which is a shame really because it masks the sweetness of the seafood. So word of advice, order the sauce on the side! For sauce, we had the Dancing Crab Signature in Spicy (really spicy!), Beurre Blanc (probably our favourite), and the Zesty Garlic Butter (fragrant but nothing too special).

Forgive the bad photography, hands were full of seafood juice!
Forgive the bad photography, hands were full of seafood juice!

If you like the Chinese drunken prawns, you’ll like the Moonshine Tiger Prawns. What was exceptional was the incredible sweetness of the prawns and the sauces that accompanied it. The Wasabi Katsuo Sauce? Yuuummmmehhh. I really did like the Crab Cakes too, just that it was lost against the loveliness of the seafood.

When I saw Moonshine on the drinks menu, I had to get it, I mean, where else are you going to get moonshine in Singapore. It tasted like tequila to me, but with a bit more sweetness and it went well with the food, I liked it 🙂 No photos because, well, it’s just a glass with a colourless liquid. Friends got all these fruity, pretty, girly drinks which all tasted pretty good, and the Strawberry Shortcake cocktail was so sweet (in appearance)!

IMG_7331Because we were celebrating my friend’s birthday, I’d made a rainbow cheesecake and when the wait staff brought it out, they put it on a shell-decorated platter with dry ice, which was really cool. There were multiple tables celebrating birthdays that day and every birthday person got a different song played when the cakes came out. That’s service.

They also have plenty of hilarious signs up in the restaurant that made me laugh. I truly did enjoy the food and the experience and while I won’t be having this every month or so, it is a really nice place to have quality seafood with gorgeous sauces once in a while.


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