Exploring Bali – Cute Cafe Sea Circus

Bali is one of my favourite places to head to for a chill out weekend or, even better, week, and it really doesn’t get more chill than sleeping in and heading out to a nice little cafe for brunch. One such little cafe that I fell in love with on my last trip to Bali is Sea Circus, which is an incredibly adorable place, and the food is really great too.

Sea Circus is located in the tourist area in Seminyak, just down the street from Ku De Ta. You can’t miss it because of it’s brightly coloured exterior and it already puts a smile on your face before you step into the cafe. It is small, and it can get crowded and you might have to wait a little for an empty table. As you wait, you can walk round the cafe for a photograph or 2, because, so pretty!

They serve a mixture of food; healthy food like quinoa bowls to Mexican, one of my favourites. If you’re having a hangover, you can opt for one of the Hangover Happy Meals – eggs on toast with bacon, tomatoes, mushrooms, red onion marmalade, espresso coffee, orange juice, berocca shot, panadol and happy game…panadol and happy game?! hahaha If you’re into something less sinful, they have a very appealing-looking quinoa & chia seed coconut milk porridge with grilled banana, pistachios & goji berries. It must be good because I saw a lot of bowls being consumed while I was there.

I had the fish tacos and it was amazing. Light, fresh and flavourful, with fresh guacamole and mango salsa, I was a happy person. The calamari was a bit bland on its own, but with the ginger soy dipping sauce, yummy. I ordered the ice coffee too, but it ain’t no ordinary iced coffee, but an iced coffee float and it was lovely.

Prices are decent but they have so many options that everything will add up if you choose to hang around for a while. If you’re in the neighbourhood or even in Bali, consider dropping by the Sea Circus. Before you leave, take a photo in front of the shop, you’ll get really nice photos.

So tempted to go with alliterations in the title – Cute Cafe “C” Circus, but I controlled.


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