Chocolate Meringue Cake

IMG_6922Between work and other commitments, I’ve hardly had the time to bake recently, but when I saw this Sorted Food video and the luscious chocolate cake with the crisp meringue, I had to do it. And what better time than to bake it for a family gathering? Despite the less than optimal circumstances (using aluminium foil to line the baking tin rather than grease proof paper, having to make my own baking powder substitute and a smaller than usual oven) and my own doofessness (completely forgetting how to make meringue), I have to say that it turned out better than I expected when I took the burnt meringue out of the oven. I was surprised, but everyone told me that the burnt meringue bits were the best, who knew?

The guys at Sorted Food seemed to have forgotten to include baking powder in the ingredients list although they mention it in the steps. I added about a teaspoon of baking powder and it seemed to work out well. I also doubled the cream so that I could frost the top and place fruits on top and I omitted the sugar for the cream as I felt that the meringue and the cake was sweet enough and it was perfectly fine.

This is a very light dessert that won’t leave you feeling overly bloated but is still hits the spot and the contrast of texture between crisp meringue, fluffy sponge and light cream is really satisfying.


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