This Place is Really Waa Cow!

This has truly been one of my favourite places to eat at this year; when we first discovered this place, my friends and I were practically there every single week, sometimes more than once. Located on the NUS campus in the West of Singapore, I admit, it is not the most accessible eatery, but I promise, it’s worth the trek.

Waa Cow!‘s menu is simple and as you can probably tell from their name, beef is their business and their signature Sliced Wagyu Beef Rice Bowl is pretty awesome. Seared medium rare Wagyu beef, gooey poached egg, caramelised onions over charred vingared flavoured rice, all mixed together, it is an explosion of flavours in a bowl.

The Aburi Bara Chirashi is another favourite dish of mine – fresh raw seafood, lightly seared on top of vinegared rice, this is such a simple dish but the depth of flavour in each bite is the stuff of dreams. This might come off as really hyperbolic, but I can’t deny that I love the food at Waa Cow!, and I can’t help gushing.

They also used to have the deep fried octopus and deep fried chicken wings on their menu but not for the moment because of ventilation issues, but I hope they bring back these appetisers soon, especially the octopus because it was really good. Tender pieces of octopus with a light crispy exterior, served with mayonnaise, perfect with a pint.

If I have to describe Waa Cow!, I’d say that it is a modern take on Japanese food and as much as I love “traditional” Japanese food, Waa Cow’s interpretation ain’t too bad at all. I have to admit I haven’t really tried most of the other items on the menu, because I’m so enamoured of the beef bowl and the chirashi, but if the quality is anything like those 2 dishes, it can’t be that bad.

Waa Cow!
2 College Ave West #01-06
Singapore 138607


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