Christian Dior’s Pied de Poule

IMG_5650Christian Dior was one of my first introduction to makeup. My mum used to have a travel palette from Christian Dior that I used to borrow whenever I had choir performances, so it’s a brand that I look on with fond memories. I remember we had to use blue and pink eyeshadow for one performance and boy did I make a mess out of that haha

Christian Dior brought out the reformulated 5-colour palettes in recent months and I saw the RAEviewer showing some of them off and I fell in love with the Pied de Poule palette. I love silvers and greys so this palette appealed to me more than any of the others. I did hem and haw over buying it because it costs S$102, which to me is a lot to pay for eyeshadow, especially when it’s not something that I need. But anyhoo, Metro had a sale and I grabbed it at 20% off, so a happy girl I was.

IMG_5651The colours are beautiful, I especially love the blue in the top left corner. This is a pretty cool toned palette, I feel, but the cream with gold flecks gives it a hint of warmth. In fact, there are gold flecks in both greys. It does look like a very smokey palette, but you can also easily use it for a day-time look, I like to use the cream on the lids for a subtle shimmer and the blue to darken up the corners and either the matte black or the dark grey in the bottom right corner for the liner.

IMG_5652Pigmentation wise, I do feel that they aren’t as pigmented as the Urban Decay eyeshadows, but there is good enough pigmentation. It is a dream to blend though, and all the colours are buttery smooth.

Yes, I probably won’t use this all that often, but I don’t regret getting this and I have to admit, owning a Christian Dior palette makes me feel just that bit more grown up.


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