My Pretty Madeleines


I was tempted to title this “My Pretty Humpy Madeleines”, but sanity kicked in and I went with boring. Besides being yummy, decadent, buttery mini cakes, madeleines are known for its deforming humps. I don’t why but that’s what it is. I found this recipe for “perfect madeleines” on Chocolate & Zucchini and decided to go with it. It makes very delicious madeleines, but it took a couple of tries before I managed the humps.

Here are some of the things that helped me and I hope it helps you if you’ve been after the perfect hump:

  • Almost everywhere says to oil and flour then freeze the pan, but that didn’t work for me. In fact, it gave me pale madeleines. Maybe it was because I am using a non-stick pan and what worked for me was to actually not oil the pan and to also heat it before filling it with the cold batter
  • The colder the batter, the better it got
  • The hotter the oven, the higher the hump. I turned the heat up to 250 degree celcius and that also got me the nicest colour on the madeleines

I made this with both orange and lemon zest and both tasted very good. After trying this, I have to say that it’s not very difficult to makes these, you just need the patience to leave it in the fridge for a long enough time. It also doesn’t keep very well, so it’s really best eaten on the day of baking or keep it in a airtight container for a day at most.


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