Brow Threading – Aye yai yai

eyebrow_threading-2_thumbDespite the title, threading is my preferred way to remove unwanted hair on my face, even the dreaded upper lip fuzz. Originating in India, this method of hair removal has been pretty popular in Asia, although it took a long while before I dipped my foot in. Partly because of a horror story told by my friend where her contact lens actually snapped while getting her brows threaded. Till now, after countless threading sessions, I’ve never worn contact lenses while threading.

I personally prefer threading because it’s much cleaner compared to tweezing and it takes much less time. Yes, it hurts more than tweezing, ripping multiple hairs from your skin at one go does that to you, I’ve teared having my upper lip threaded, but I really do think it’s worth it if smooth, hairless skin is important to you. I also find that there’s a longer gap between my need to thread as compared to when I tweeze. There are those who thread their whole face because it supposedly makes it easier to apply make-up and so on. I think of the pain and cringe. However, I have to say that I’m a wuss when it comes to pain, and even I can take it, so on a pain level, it’s bearable.

For the longest time, I’ve gone to Browhaus to get my brows threaded, but it’s always a hassle getting an appointment, I can’t just decide that I want to do my brows the day before and that honestly, puts me off. I’ve been hearing about brow threading services offered by Indian ladies at a fraction of the price of Browhaus’ services and I finally took the plunge. I went to this shop in Clementi that charges $5 for a brow thread and $8 if you want it done on your upper lip as well, which is really affordable. The ladies there are incredibly fast, mine was over in less than 10 minutes. When I got there, there was a long queue that stretched across the length of the shop, but I only waited for about 15 minutes or so. At Browhaus, I wouldn’t even have been able to get an appointment! While waiting, it’s really fascinating to watch the ladies work, because, man, that’s an art. Yes, if you require a gentle touch, Browhaus will more suitable, but if fuss-free and experienced is what you’re after and you don’t mind it a little rough, definitely try out this shop in Clementi.

Rimpy Beauty Art
Blk 447 Clementi Ave 3 (120447)


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