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Learning Patience

Long way more to go
Long way more to go

Patience is not something that I have an abundance of. I’m more of an instant gratification kind of girl and it shows in my attention span in hobbies. I’m quick in picking up things and almost as quick in losing interest. The only things that I’ve stuck with over the years are reading, writing and cooking, pretty much what this blog is all about. In fact, I’ve started and given up on more blogs than I can count, this one being the longest lasting one, and even so, it was touch and go at times. I picked up crocheting at a pretty young age, had all the hooks and the yarn, but as with many of my interests, I tucked them away and when it came time to move, I threw them out. I recently had the urge to start crocheting again and on impulse, I bought a few hooks and quite a bit of yarn (I do tend to impulse buy a lot *shamefaced*), started watching crocheting videos on YouTube and made a few small items. It’s definitely much easier learning how to crochet with videos compared to the olden days of referring to books and trying to figure out what the instructions were trying to say! Anyway, I decided to crochet a scarf and I started it today. As you can see from the picture above, it’s going to take me a while and as I was doing it, I started doubting whether I’d actually see it through, knowing my penchant for discarding projects halfway through. Then I thought, heck, this would be a good way to practice patience and see this through. So, I’m putting the gauntlet down in a public sphere and I’ll check back when I’m done with this scarf.


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