Dreaminess of Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic


I found myself in Czech Republic and Vienna in November last year and I pretty much fell in love with the places we went to. Anyway, as I was researching on the Czech Republic, I found many people saying that Cesky Krumlov is overrated and more of a tourist town and I do agree that it is a very touristy place, but that should definitely not be a deterrent to anyone. It is a really little town that looks like something out of a fairy tale and I absolutely love it!. 1 night there was definitely not enough for me, if I ever find myself back in the Czech Republic, I’ll need to spend a little more time there. Cesky Krumlov’s train station is located above the town and my favourite moment was when I caught a view of the town from the top, just beautiful.

We got to Cesky Krumlov pretty late, so by the time we got to Krumlov Castle, it was starting to turn dark and while it is beautiful, it can get a little creepy in the dark. It was also freezing cold that night and half of the group was more interested in getting out of the cold into some place warm! The castle has beautiful painted exterior walls and I wish I had a chance to see them in sunlight.

Dinner was at a restaurant highly recommended for traditional Bohemian food, U Dwau Maryi (The Two Marys). I’m not sure if anyone else had issues finding that place, but because the entrance is a smaller than usual closed door in an alley, we weren’t sure if we were at the correct entrance. I finally got cold enough to just open the door and face a frowning face if that wasn’t the correct entrance, luckily, it was and we were shown up a narrow, winding stairs to the dining area. We had a fantastic dinner in a medieval-looking room and we were the only ones there, so it was like our own private eating room. We ordered the Bohemian feast (chicken and pheasant option) for 3 and easily fed 4 of us, of course, we were all female, so, adjust your expectations accordingly. Wasn’t too fond of the pheasant, but everything else was delish. They had mead and of course I had to try it and warm mead on a cold night, I couldn’t ask for anything better. My cousin had a dockrose tea, which had great presentation, but tasted like flavoured water really.

We spent the night in Krumlov House, which is a hostel, but they do have a little cottage that can sleep 4 or 5 people as a private option. It is a very quaint place and has everything that you need for a stay of any period and it is very reasonably priced – we paid about US$75 a night for 4 of us. They also had an American girl working the reception when we were there so language was not an issue at all. I was very interested in their Literary Bohemian writer’s house, which is housed in the attic and would be my choice if I was travelling alone. I loved the fact that the blankets on the beds didn’t match, that the entrance was tucked in a little walkway filled with plants and trees and that it just felt like a little home.

We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves just walking about the town and popping into the shops to see what they sell, but my only regret was not allocating more time there and believe me, I was tempted to extend my time there, but alas, we had already booked our transport to Vienna 😦


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