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A Visit to Chek Jawa, Pulau Ubin

20140619-141129.jpgI’ve been wanting to go to Chek Jawa for the longest time, but for whatever reasons, I have not made it there till this morning. All I can say is, if you haven’t been there, go. It’s worth booking the Chek Jawa tours organised by NParks because even though tours are limited and you have to book way in advance, the guides are very experienced and very knowledgeable. Our guide, Teck Chye (yes, we remember your name!), shared a lot of what he knows about the mangroves and the marine life that are found there.

20140619-141628.jpgThe volunteers also collect samples of the marine life so that we could see them and yes, they do return them to where they were originally found. So in a way, we get to learn more about the biodiversity in Chek Jawa and not cause too much harm to the system with our visits.

Chek Jawa tours are only conducted during low tides, because it is only then that we get to see anything in the mangrove and most of the time, it means a very early start. Get to Changi Village early, have your breakfast at the Changi Village hawker centre, grab a bumboat over to Pulau Ubin and have a taxi drive you to the entrance to Chek Jawa. The bumboat ride takes about 15 minutes and the taxi ride, another 10 minutes. If you are at Ubin really early, it is best to arrange for a pick up ahead of time.

Even if you are not interested in marine life, biodiversity and all that stuff, go for the amazing views.

20140619-141118.jpgOh! Keep a lookout for the most adorable wild boar families that roam the island. So adorable and not aggressive at all. At least the ones we met weren’t 🙂


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