The Perfect Complement to Coffee

cinnamon rollsThere’s just something about cinnamon rolls that calls out to me. I do not have a sweet tooth, but I can almost never resist a piece of cinnamon bread with a nice cup of semi-sweet coffee. With the exit of many cinnamon-roll franchises out of Singapore a while ago, it has become rather difficult to get a piece of really good cinnamon roll. In most places, it’s either too sweet or the bread too dry. If the craving really strikes, I can settle for a Starbucks cinnamon roll, which is ok, but even that never quite hits the spot.

I have tried making my own cinnamon roll before, but due to my inability to bake proper bread, it has never come out good enough, until I saw SortedFood’s Cinnamon Bun Swirl. Look at that, how could I resist trying it out? So one morning, I did and it came out just in time for tea, all gooey and warm, just perfect with my cup of coffee.

That day, I went into a bread making frenzy, in addition to the cinnamon swirl, I also did an onion-filled Moroccan flatbread and some basic bread, with my own chocolate twist, using Jamie Oliver’s recipe. All because I wanted to finish using up my sachet of instant yeast, why do they put them in such huge quantities?

If you ever fancy having some homemade cinnamon rolls, do give these a whirl as it’s really pretty easy and it’s not too sweet a treat.


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