Why Stay in a Private Villa in Bali?

What is better than a private villa? A private villa with a pool.

On a short getaway with the girlfriends, we booked a villa at Sandi Kala Villas, which is located at the end of Seminyak, Bali. It is a little isolated and you have to get a cab everywhere, but the villa itself and the staff at the villa made it all worthwhile. Besides, if you’re too lazy to grab a cab to get dinner, you could always arrange for food delivery, it’s almost like room service.

The 2-bedroom villa is perfect for 4 people, could possibly fit in more if some people are open to sleeping in the open air living room. For me, what made the villa perfect was the pool. Cool, clean, inviting, great for midnight swims (if you don’t mind shivering on particularly cool nights)- they even have a float for relaxing in the water.

We had such a good time there that we’re already plotting to head back, this time with our own swan/unicorn float.


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