Travelling Japan – Mobile Wifi aka Mifi

IMG_0358_editI don’t have to be constantly connected, but well, it does make things way easier, so when I travel, I like to rent a mobile wifi unit rather than have to depend on public wifi or Starbucks. Mifi are mobile routers that you connect your devices to via wifi, so you pop the unit in your bag and you’re good to go anywhere.When it comes to Japan, there are several companies from which to rent mobile wifi from, but I’ve personally used Japan Wireless twice and I’m very happy with the service and price. I did my homework the last time I was in Japan and decided to go with Japan Wireless and I didn’t even have to consider anything else this time round.

Japan Wireless offers 3 Mifi options, with different download/upload speeds, most would just need the basic package, but I like unlimited access with no restrictions, so I go for the slightly pricier option, but I still think it’s pretty affordable for the convenience. They also have a prepaid SIM option, but anyone with an iPhone will know, getting the SIM card out of the phone is a bitch and I refuse to go through the pain (I love my iPhone, I really do). Besides, changing out my SIM card means that I won’t be able to receive any calls from home.


4 thoughts on “Travelling Japan – Mobile Wifi aka Mifi

  1. Dear,
    Hi,this is Japan-Wireless.
    Thank you for your lovely words about us 😉
    We are so happy to hear that you had a pleasant stay in Japan with us.
    If you allow us,we would like to share your blog with our SNS page!

    Thank you for choosing Japan-Wireless and we’d love to serve you again in future:-)


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