Pretty Too Faced Candy Bar Palette


As one is wont to do, walk into a shop for one item and come out with a couple more. That was the case when I went into Sephora recently to get the First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream, which I absolutely love. I toyed with the idea of getting the Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette and maybe a lipstick, but nothing was catching my fancy and believe me, I tried. I think I walked round that Sephora three or four times trying to buy something, but nada.

So I decided to just grab the Ultra Repair Cream and leave. Then I walked through what has been christianed the aisle of doom by many and I saw the Too Faced Candy Bar Palette, which is basically a small palette with a cute iPhone cover. It was 49% off (on account of it being Singapore’s 49 birthday, Happy Birthday my beloved country!), so how could I resist?


After getting home, I googled for reviews of the palette and didn’t find much, although one or two reviews weren’t too favourable, but I actually do like it. Yes, the pans are tiny, but really, do you need that much product? I like the colours and the texture and it’s just cute. I can do a simple day-to-day neutral look and I can glam it up and play with the nice shimmery purple and blue. I also like the fact that it has a few shades of matte brown (you can use the bronzer as a transition shade for your eyes too). It is also great for throwing into your bag for travelling with everything you could need to do your make up in one small compact case. Not too impressed with the light matte shades, but that’s easy to get wrong anyway.

So yeah, swatches:


To demonstrate what I mean about the light mattes, I’d actually swatched the light matte eyeshadow on the left, next to the brown, but you can’t really see anything and it’s quite crumbly too.


Then, there are 2 highlight or base shades, one cream, and one, a light pink (two on the right), then the bronzer and blush (on the left). I really like the blush, it’s a shimmery pink with hints of gold and gives a healthy glow to the skin.

I think my favourite colour is the silvery, turquoise shade, which just looks so cool. Played around with the palette today and used that shade together with the dark blue, think it looks pretty nice, although you probably can’t really see the colour contrast in the photos, oops.


I really need a better camera than my iPhone…


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