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Luna Sea 25th Anniversary Live


29 May 2014 – Yoyogi National Gymnasium

Epic. Most brilliant night of my life.

Hyperbole? Perhaps. But that was definitely one night where I felt alive. It may be silly to ascribe so much power to a band but when this has been the moment that I’ve waited 15 years of my life for? Forgive me, but it definitely is one of the most epic moments of my life.

More than a week after the concert, I still smile and tears still threaten whenever I think about that night.

IMG_5092[1]After the dissolution of Luna Sea in 2000, I never thought I would ever have the chance of watching them live in Japan. Then they came back with an amazing new album, a new world tour (to which I went to the concert in Singapore) and then they announced a 25th anniversary live and I knew it was now or never. Luna Sea tickets, or may be tickets in Japan in general, are horribly hard to get and are usually sold out in a matter of hours, provided if you can even navigate the complex purchasing system. But Luna Sea were really great to their overseas fans and provided a separate system for us to get tickets and lo and behold, I managed to get hold of one ticket ^_^

IMG_5086[1]The sensation of getting to the bridge that overlooked the open space in front of the stadium filled with so many fans, some of them cosplaying Luna Sea in their early days was amazing. Many fans were taking photos on that bridge and I was one of them. Seeing the tour goods queue made me smile because it was horrifically long. I wanted to get some tour goods, but with an hour to go before the concert and with a queue that long, I decided not to, but  I can still get them online, I think.

IMG_5087[1]Anyway, the concert was out of this world great and despite being 45, these guys can rock! I screamed myself hoarse, I laughed, I cried and standing in that arena with the streamers falling down during “Wish” was one of the most incredible things ever. I loved how natural everyone was on stage, and Inoran being so flirty with the audience in the wings! I can’t wait for the video of this concert to be released so that I can see everything more clearly.

Love love love Luna Sea, perhaps even more now than ever and I am even now plotting when is the earliest I can go back to Japan for their concert ^_~


あの夜ありがとうございました! いつもLUNA SEAの音楽がつれてくれたありがとうございました。これからもいい音楽をつくってください!

Song list for the night can be found here.

Posts about my Japan trip will be up soon! I hope…

Japan accommodations post up!


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