Rice Cooker Meals Diary – Day 1


Part of the woes of working life is that lunch is always such a hassle, especially if you work in a place where there are limited options for food. It is worse when it is an healthy option that you are looking for. Which was the position I found myself in. I brought food from home sometimes, but I love my sleep and that extra 30 minutes of sleep means a lot to me. One day, I was shopping at Best in IMM with my mum and we came across this cutest little rice cooker with a steaming container. Cue photo:

20140320-134639.jpgHow cute is this?

Anyway, we bought one for home because we don’t eat much rice and our current rice cooker was burning half of what we put in. It cooked like a dream and the next day, I was hit with the inspiration to bring it work and have a freshly cooked meal for lunch. As my mum was preparing dinner, she set aside some fish in the container that came with the rice cooker and I popped it into my bag together with some broccoli and brought it to work the next morning. It was fantastic. I started scouring the web for more ideas for one pot meals and there’s quite a huge resource out there. Of course, certain things i definitely can’t do in the office. I just switch on the cooker for the time it takes to cook the rice and the food and switch it off after to minimise any chance of accidents.

Today’s meal was minced meat topped with an egg, brown rice and some pumpkin soup left over from dinner. Very simple, marinate the minced meat with some light soya sauce, rice wine and tons of black pepper, crack an egg on top when you’re ready to cook and put it into the cooker with the rice to cook. I also heated up the soup in the rice cooker after I had taken out my rice. One thing I learnt, heat up soup using the “Keep Warm” function and not the “Cook” function, unless you want your soup dried up.

That’s it for day one!


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