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I love reading books and I pretty much read across most genres (mostly fiction, but I do read a non-fiction book occasionally). I like books with characters I can feel for, a good plot line and good English. I can set aside my internal editor if I can get lost in the story line and characters. There are few books that I absolutely loathe and I have to say, 50 Shades of Grey? Yeah, LOATHE. Badly written, pretty much non-existent plot and horribly unlikeable characters. I do not have issues with BDSM-driven stories, but this was plain bad. So when I read that E.L. James made it to the top of Forbes top author earnings list, I’m completely filled with disgust. Really, how did this book get published in the first place? Not to mention sold so many copies. There are so many writers out there that write great stories who are aren’t published or don’t get the recognition they deserve. This is really such a travesty.


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