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Roof of the World – A Word A Week Challenge

roof of the world

Roof of the world – Looking down at clouds on Mt Batur, Bali, Indonesia

There’s so many interpretations of the word “roof” and I decided to go with the idea of “roof of the world”. While in Bali years ago, we decided to join a group to climb up Mt Batur. We set off at a ridiculous hour, 2am or so, in the dark up a mountain, aided by friendly local guide who gallantly ignored the out-of-breath gasps and stopped when I felt my legs couldn’t move anymore. I wish I had made it up to the peak, but the increasingly steep slopes and the thought of having to go back down the same slopes when the sun came out convinced my acrophobic self to stop three-quarters of the way up and enjoy the sunrise from there.

A Word A Week Challenge – Roof


3 thoughts on “Roof of the World – A Word A Week Challenge

  1. Climbing mountains is an incredibly heavy endeavor, I did it once on a tiny ass little mountain in Scotland and I thought I would die. You still got to a place many people never get to go, I’m so, so jealous! AND you made an amazing picture 🙂


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