Mado – Turkish Food for the Heartlands

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After two weeks of it opening, I finally made my way to the newest shopping mall in my area, JEM, and boy am I a happy girl! Sephora, H&M, Uniqlo, Victoria Secrets, MAC and most importantly, Starbucks! Besides JEM having a lot of the shops that I like, they have a lot of places to eat at and I tried out Mado today. I love Turkish food, the aroma of the spices, the presentation of the food, everything just appeals to me, so I was very excited to find a Turkish place in the heartlands, or suburbs.

Mado primarily serves Turkish ice cream, which is made of goats’ milk and Salep instead of gelatin, making it halal. The restaurant does have savoury food as well, which consists of kebab and other western-style dishes. I had the Savoury Chicken Kebab with Pita Bread. I thought the food was great, the chicken looked dry, but was actually very tender and flavourful (no photos unfortunately as I was too hungry and started eating before it occurred to me that I should take photos). The point of this post is not to say how yummy the food was but what struck me as interesting was that they had tried putting a, shall I say, heartland take to the doner kebab – it was served with chilli sauce and pickled vegetables that reminded me of Chinese salted vegetables. That threw me off a bit, I must admit.

I would still go back for the kebab and I hope that they expand the menu, maybe to include shawarma?


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