Wet n Wild: Nude Awakening & Going in the Wild

I have a confession: YouTube makes me buy things.  I’ve pretty much lost count of the number of things that I’ve purchased because of some video on YouTube. I’m sure I’m not the only one this happens to, right? Right?

Now that we have established that I have a problem, let’s move on to my latest YouTube-inspired buys – Wet n Wild’s Nude Awakening and Going in the Wild palettes. These two palettes are from the their spring collection, Spring Forward, and are limited edition. I bought mine here and as of the writing of this post, they are still available.

nude awakening.jpg

I love the Wet n Wild Colour Icon Eyeshadow Trios and own quite a few of them, but having read some not so good things of their eight-shadow pans, I’ve not tried any of their bigger palettes. Then I saw a video and was sold on the pretty packaging and the pretty colours. Nude Awakening is a palette of neutral colours that has been said by many to be an Urban Decay Naked dupe. Not too sure about that, but what I do know is that this is a lovely palette that has colours ranging from a light beige to a nice, dark glittery black.

20130605-203631.jpgAs with most Wet n Wild shadows, these are wonderfully pigmented and easy to apply. The beigey colour has a slight shimmer and while it is light, it doesn’t come off chalky and would be a great highlight shade. There is only one matte shade in this palette and it is a neutral brown ( third shade from the top left). The black looks great in the pan with multi-coloured glitter in it, but once swatched, you hardly notice any glitter. My favourite colour would be the one in the second pan on the left – it is a almost like a darker champagne gold and is lovely swept across the lid. This is a great palette that can give you options for day and night makeup and will definitely be a palette that I’d bring on travels.

going in the wild.jpg To be perfectly honest, I wouldn’t have picked up this palette if not for the fact that the online shop that I bought these  from only sold them as a set. Don’t get me wrong, this is also a great palette, but I just don’t think I’ll get as much wear out of this as compared to Nude Awakening. These are fun pops of colour that will be great for spring or summer and all the shades are also very pigmented.

20130605-203648.jpgI especially like the purples, both the lilac and the darker, aubergine colour. The darker purple looks very bold in the pan, but after applying it, it actually is more toned down. I had high hopes for the dark green on the bottom right, but it looks  more black than green. While there are more colourful shades in this palette, you can still do a pretty neutral look as these colours do not clamour too much for attention.

20130605-203655.jpgThe one thing that I’m not very fond of is the fact that they have so much glitter! After wiping off these swatches from my arm, I was left with an arm full of glitter.

If you haven’t checked out these two palettes from Wet n Wild, definitely do while they are still available.


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