My Favourite Beauty Buys & OOTD

Firstly, I have to apologise for the crap lighting, I haven’t got the best equipment to take self-portraits, but I really wanted to show this pair of pants off because I love it so!

wide-leg pants.jpg

Tada! Wide leg pants. Dress it up with a nice, fitted lace or silk top or dress it down with a t-shirt. As long as the top is nicely fitted, this is the pants for all occasions. Because it is so roomy, it is incredibly comfortable and great for summery weather.

lace-embellished heels.jpgI love to pair it with heels, especially this pair with lace detailing. It’s of the perfect height for me and I think that the mix of patent leather and lace gives it a certain edgy classiness. I also love that it fits me. I wear a US 4-4.5, depending on the cut and in Singapore, the smallest size is usually a 5. So unless the shoe is of a smaller cut, shoes don’t fit me most of the time. I even had a salesperson tell me once that I need not bother looking for covered shoes because my feet are so small!

black leather wrap bracelet.jpgGoing with the black/grey theme, I accessorised with one of my favourite bracelets, a black leather wrap bracelet with studs and mesh embellishments.

I’d bought both the pair of heels and pants together about 2 weeks ago and I have to say that they were pretty much my favourite beauty buys recently.

Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed!


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