Bags, Bags, Bags

IMG_6642I don’t necessarily need more bags, but I saw this on Markkit, fell in lust and decided to add it to the cart. Browsed around a little more and found another bag, threw it in the cart, waffled about which to get and said “heck it, I’m getting both.” I’m justifying it by telling myself I deserve it after the weeks at work slogging over my events.

IMG_6643The Kylie Messenger Bag is something that is suitable for work and also something that I can carry around on weekends. I love satchels, there’s just something about the shape that pulls me in. It is also neutral enough that I can pair anything with it. The material is nice and sturdy, seems to be well-made and I love the rose-gold details.

IMG_6644I’ve been looking for something like the Mini Speedy Bag with the studded bottom for a very long time, but just never got round to getting it for one reason or another. It’s one of those bags that you can dump almost everything in and it’s perfect for travelling. What decided the purchase for me was the deep green, which I like in a bag. It’s not as boring as black and yet goes with most colours.

I like Markkit and I’m glad they finally started shipping to Singapore, charges are not the cheapest, but decent enough with a flat fee. Shipping took about 10 days, which is really not bad at all considering that it came from the US.

After this, I don’t think I’ll be buying any more bags for a while, especially since I bought 2 mini bags just before Lunar New Year *guilty*.


2 thoughts on “Bags, Bags, Bags

  1. Hi there, loved the post❤️
    I was wondering can you let me know how was the shipping process?! Did you have to pay more than 15$ for the shipping or the custom and everything is included?! I’m based on UK and I wanted to know if its worth buying the bag, did they ask for any additional fees for intrrnational shipping?!
    Now that you had the bag for a while which color do you think I should go for?!


    1. Hi ladan, thanks! The shipping process was pretty painless. Can’t quite remember how long it took but it wasn’t terribly long and I live in Singapore, which is halfway across the world. Just paid US$15 with no additional charges. I didn’t have to pay customs, but that’s for Singapore. I still love both bags, both the grey Kylie bag and the green Speedy bag go with most outfits, so it really depends on your own preference. My Kylie is still pretty scuff-free despite being in a lighter colour. Hope this helps!


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