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Crocheting Frenzy

IMG_5859.JPG_-_whiteSo, in an earlier post I talked about picking up crocheting again and using it as a lesson in patience. Well, this foray into crocheting reiterated what I already know about myself – I’m very goal oriented. I’m going on a trip later this month and I wanted to crochet some stuff that I could use, so far, I have 2 hats, 1 neck warmer, 1 scarf and 2 shawls (one of it this the gorgeously coloured one in the picture here, the colours don’t really show up well here, but in real life, they are more vibrant).

Crocheting certainly has come a long way from when I was a teenager picking it up for the first time. There are tons of videos on YouTube that show in detail how to create almost anything and it’s been amazing fun watching those videos. It is pretty darn soothing too, many a times I’ve been almost hypnotised by the repetitive action of the crochet hook on screen. Which has worked out well for me because I’ve been seriously stressed out for a few weeks due to work. Crocheting has also helped me with dealing with stress, something about the repetitive actions just helps my mind relax.

One of the YouTube channels I’ve been watching is bobwilson123, so many patterns explained in an easy to follow way, even though I still can’t manage the magic ring! The only bug bear I have is that it is so hard to get 8 ply or DK yarn in Singapore, most places, and those places are few and far between, they usually only have 4 ply yarn or are outrageously expensive. So need to source for an online site that ships to Singapore and doesn’t cost me an arm and a leg.

That is all I have to say about my latest obsession for now. To be honest, the whole point was to show off my recent piece ;p That’s all folks, have a great week ahead!


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